Your Councillors

Etherley Parish Council consists of 11 members – details for each member is included on the website.

The Parish Council normally meets on the second Thursday of each month, except in August. A list of the dates and times can be found on this website.
A meeting date can be changed at the discretion of the Chair – this can happen if the Clerk has knowledge that there may not be a quorum for the meeting or if a meeting date falls on an election date.

Meetings are held in the Committee Room of Toft Hill Community Centre.

The agenda for every meeting includes a 15 minute ‘Public Participation’ slot. This time is for residents/visitors to raise any queries or concerns they may have.

Residents/visitors are welcome to stay for the full meeting but will not be permitted to contribute to discussions under other Agenda items.

The Agenda is published on the website and can also be seen in the Village Notice Board located at Toft Hill just below the Community Centre entrance.

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Notice of Vacancy

Declaration of office form and notice of interest forms can be found here. 

tel: 01388 833293/07940402597


I have been a member of Etherley Parish Council for almost 14 years and during this time served on Teesdale District Council from 2007 until 2009. I have supported the Parish in many ways, in particular getting involved with Community Events and activities organised through the Community Association, representing the Parish Council on the former PCCG (Police Community Consultative Group) and currently I am actively involved with Durham Constabulary Farm Watch. Telephone: 01388 832182


I have been a resident of Toft Hill for 36 years and a member of the Parish Council since 2013. My main concerns within the Parish are the problems with road safety, particularly speeding issues and road side parking. I hope that my input at Parish Council meetings helps to support the work of the Parish Council in resolving these issues. Telephone: 01388 832858


DAVID AIMERI joined the Parish Council in in 2009. I was born in London in 1951 and moved to Rhodesia with my parents when I was four years old. After spending 21 years in Rhodesia I moved to South Africa and up to the year 2000 worked in ministry and the church. I decided to come back home to the land of my birth and worked in London until joining my current employers. In 2004 my employers relocated their headquarters to the North East at ‘Etherley Literary Institute’ – locally known as the ‘Institute’. Telephone: 01388 834395


Telephone: 07988 603 377 


Information to follow.


I have lived in the Parish for 45 years and been a member of Etherley Parish Council since 2013. Formally I served as a County Councillor for 4 years and as a Parish Councillor on Evenwood and Barony Parish Council for 10 years. For the past 25 years I have been a trustee and Secretary for a Nursing Home for people with Multiple Sclerosis. I am now retired after running my own business for the past 25 years. Telephone: 01388 832949

Peter Ray

Telephone: 01388 832 646


ANTHEA TALLENTIREI have lived in the Parish all my life and been involved in many organisations over the years. I therefore have a good knowledge of the area and our residents. More recently I have served as a steward at Etherley Methodist Church and help support ‘Messy Church’ which is run at the Church for young people. I have been a Parish Councillor for 5 years. I always listen to the concerns and opinions of residents and raise these at the Parish Council meetings on their behalf. Telephone: 01388 832453

Gary Siddle

Information to follow.


Information to follow.


AVRIL WARDI have been a Parish Councillor for 5 years after moving to Etherley from Upper Weardale where I was born. I am a member of two local WI groups and I am a committee member on the Bishop Auckland Marie Curie fund raising group. Within the Community I support events and activities organised by the Community Association as a volunteer. Telephone: 01388 832314